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The Name

Grand Theft Auto IV (a.k.a. GTA4, GTA IV and Grand Theft Auto 4) has been wildly speculated on ever since Rockstar Games registered the domains back on January 4th, 1999. Up until 2006, speculate was the furthest anyone could go. May 9th, 2006, and Rockstar finally officially announced a next gen GTA game, simply going by the name of Grand Theft Auto IV

Obviously GTA IV isn't actually the fourth game in the series, the following breakdown will hopefully explain to you why it is called GTA IV. It's based on the fact that both Vice City and San Andreas were prequels to GTA3, and also the fact that different game engines have been used.

GTA1 Engine - GTA1, GTA London 1969
GTA2 Engine - GTA2
GTA3 Engine - GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories
GTA4 Engine - GTA IV


GTA IV is set in Liberty City in the year 2007. Four of the five boroughs have been recreated for the game: Brooklyn = Broker; Manhattan = Algonquin; Queens = Dukes; Bronx = Bohan; New Jersey = Alderney. The city is very different to the renditions seen in previous games.
Read more about the setting on our Liberty City page.


GTA IV will have a vast new array of characters, not seen before in previous GTA games. The protagonist is Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant who has come to Liberty City on the good word of his cousin.
Read more about the characters on our characters page.

Release Dates and Consoles

Unlike previous iterations, Grand Theft Auto IV will be arriving simultaneously on Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Sony's PlayStation 3. A PC version is expected at a later date but has so far not been confirmed. The lack of a period of exclusivity for Sony has been blamed on Ken Kutaragi, who failed negotiations to secure it, presumably thinking that the PS3 would smoothly carry on from the PS2's success, something it arguably hasn't done.

Also unlike previous games, GTA IV was given a worldwide release date of April 29th, 2008, meaning every country would receive the game on the same day.

Game Engine

Grand Theft Auto IV will make use of RAGE (Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine), previously used in Rockstar's Table Tennis game for the Xbox 360. The benefits of this include much improved aesthetics, and better rendering of objects amongst other things.

NaturalMotion's Euphoria Engine

Rockstar Games announced a partnership with NaturalMotion on February 27th, 2007, where it was revealed that Rockstar would be using the company's euphoria engine in several upcoming games, this includes GTA IV.

The following quote from NaturalMotion's website explains the technology, and how euphoria uses the Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) system.

Based on NaturalMotion's DMS technology, euphoria uses the processing power of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to simulate the human body and motor nervous system, thus creating fully interactive game characters that act differently every time. With euphoria, games move away from canned animation, towards a much richer, life-like experience that is unique to the player.

So what we can expect from the game is a much more unique experience. Non-Playable Characters (NPC's) are given their own artificial intelligence. No longer will pedestrians fall down in the same way when you punch them. Each pedestrian will react naturally, as you would expect in real life. Not only that, but the player will also be getting up in a different way if he falls down. This adds a whole new level of interactivity to the game.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable episodic content was first confirmed for the Xbox 360 version at Microsoft's X06 event in Barcelona, Spain, a quote from a press release read "Rockstar and Take-Two will provide Xbox 360 gamers with exclusive access to two epic downloadable episodes of Grand Theft Auto IV via Xbox Live, each with hours of new gameplay content, and available only on Xbox 360 just months after the release of the title."
It was unclear whether the PlayStation 3 version would also feature downloadable content, however, we now know that it will not be getting anything.

Both versions of the game will likely be identical, but Rockstar has confirmed that downloadable content will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. This content is said to be sizeable [...]
- Game Informer, May 2007


Multiplayer has for the first time been officially built in to a GTA game, and GTA IV contains numerous game modes and offers a lot of player and game mode customisation.

Read more about the multiplayer modes on our GTA IV multiplayer page.

Notes of Interest

In late 2006 Take 2 Games stated in a press conference that there is a total of 150 developers working on Grand Theft Auto 4, which is more than any other GTA game so far. For comparisons sake, GTA Vice City supposedly had 120 developers working on it. The sheer enormity of Grand Theft Auto 4 is likely to amaze everyone with the huge increase in developers working on it, coupled with the advanced capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic

Niko is the protagonist in GTA 4, an Eastern European immigrant. He is tricked into coming to Liberty City by his cousin, Roman. Roman claims he has two women, four hot tubs, fifteen sports cars, and money. Niko believes it. He comes to Liberty City to live the "American Dream". Niko is constantly arguing with Roman. He is a tough character, though.
Roman Bellic

Roman Bellic

Roman is Niko's cousin. He is more of a friendly character, and a high energy optimist and a bit of a fantasist, but he needs Niko's support. He is heavily in debt, and has a lot of criminals after him. In the beginning of the game, he is Niko's only contact, so despite their constant bickering, the pair rely on each other. Roman has a girlfriend called Mallorie.

Vladimir Glebov

In Vlad's own mind he is a supremely powerful gangster, who runs the Hove beach neighborhood of Broker with an iron fist, and takes crap from no one… Vlad is a low level Russian hood who is trying to get on the more powerful criminals good side's, he runs minor protection rackets and talks a big game. He thinks of himself as a supremely powerful gangster, who runs the Hove beach neighborhood of Broker with an iron fist and takes crap from no one.


Elizabeta has been a successful drug dealer in Bohan for over 10 years. She's been so successful because she kept things low key and paid the right people, or killed them. Thanks to using too much of her own drugs, she has become dangerously paranoid and delusional. She is aware that a crackdown on drug dealing will put her under scrutiny.

Manny Escuela

Manny was once a hard living hoodlum, who was on the scene when such things graffiti, hip hop, and breakdancing were invented. He has now transformed and is all about cleaning up the neighborhood, he wants to make things good again. He's having a documentary made about himself to record his struggle.


Brucie is a serious fitness enthusiast, car nut and self appointed VIP. He thinks incredibly highly of himself and ise's loud, proud, and will make sure you know just how much money he's got. He lives life large, and has nothing but the finest women, cars, lifestyle accessories and plenty of anabolic steroids.
Little Jacob

Little Jacob

Jacob a.k.a "Little Jacob" is a Jamaican arms dealer from Dukes, and an associate of Niko. Jacob is Niko's supplier of all the firepower he needs, storing the weapons in the trunk of his car. He's a good friend of Niko's cousin Roman.
Francis McReary

Francis McReary

McCreary is a corrupt police officer who knows about a felony Niko committed. He's using this to blackmail Niko, if Niko doesn't comply he'll reveal the details.
Patrick McReary

Patrick "Packie" McReary

A Irish-American, relative of Francis McReary (above). "Packie" is a violent drug-addict who lives in Dukes with his mother and sister. He is a good friend of Elizabeta. His sister, Kate, is in love with Niko, but is warned away from him after Patrick witnessed the two kissing.
Bledar Morina

Bledar Morina

Albanian money lender, blackmailer, thug and fitness enthusiast. He operates in Broker.
Phil Bell

Phil Bell

A businessman based in Alderney. He's part of the Italian mafia and agrees to help Niko look for someone, stipulating that Niko must run a few errands for the mafia first.
Playboy X

Playboy X

A hustler introduced to Niko by Elizabeta. He has a large mansion in the Alderney area, in which he carries out most of his business. He needs Niko for a few jobs.
Dwayne Forge

Dwayne Forge

An old friend of Playboy X who has recently been released from jail. He fears that Playboy has moved on in the world and left him - and the street life - behind. He has a confident, booming voice.
Mikhail Faustin

Mikhail Faustin

A relatively unknown character at the moment, he is depicted in artwork for the game, and is seen in trailer 4. He is Eastern European.

Minor Characters

Bryce Dawkins - Ultra-conservative Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, who will ram family values down your throat.
Mallorie - Roman Bellic's current girlfriend.
Karen - The receptionist at the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster law firm.
Lola - A prostitute, currently associated with Mikhail Faustin.
Raymond - Italian-American mobster, believed to be a major figure in the Liberty City Cosa Nostra.
Tom Goldberg - Shady lawyer from law firm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster. Wanted dead by Francis McReary.
Yusuf - Wealthy Arab Playboy X is trying to impress.


If you're looking for some cheats so you can mess around in the game and have a bit of fun, of if you're not very good at the game, you're looking in the right place. Please be warned though, that some of these willdefinitely DISABLE achievements on the Xbox 360 version of the game. It's advised you don't save with any cheats on.

The cheats are to be entered in normal gameplay via Niko's cell phone.



Full health.
Full armour.
Weapons #1
Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG, Grenades.
Weapons #2
Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, RPG
Remove Wanted Level
Remove your wanted level. (Blocks achievement "Walked free").
Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to your wanted level.
Change Brightness
Alters the brightness of the game.
Spawn Annihilator
Spawn an Annihilator.
Spawn Jetmax
Spawn a Jetmax.
Spawn NRG-900
Spawn an NRG-900.
Spawn Sanchez
Spawn a Sanchez.
Spawn FBI Buffalo
Spawn an FBI Buffalo.
Spawn Comet
Spawn a Comet.
Spawn Turismo
Spawn a Turismo.
Spawn Cognoscenti
Spawn a Cognoscenti.

4 Mod Installer v0.1 released

Gunner over at GTA4Mods has just given me the heads up that his mod manager, 4 Mod Installer, the first mod manager to be released for GTA IV is now online. Gunner, who has been working on the tool for over 6 months now, has created this tool to simplify the mod installing process for GTA IV.

Similar to Vice City's VCM mods and San Andreas' SAMI, 4MI has both a mod packager and a mod installer. The packager creates .4mi files which can then be distributed online, allowing other GTA IV players to download and, using the installer, add into their game. 4MI also enables modding of GTA IV without the use of a patch, which is so far what users wanting to mod the game have had to use.

How does this work?
Simply extract all contents of the zip somewhere and then run the exe of your choice.
To add mods to the list simply drag the .4mi files in the /mods/ folder.

You won't be able to add files that go in IMG or RPF files yet, they're still working on support for that. Until then, look out for modders starting to release .4mi mods.

Want to make .4mi versions of your mods to upload here? 
Download 4 Mod Installer from our database.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Eight new screenshots of The Lost and Damned

Posted at 01:12 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 7
Rockstar have released 8 brand new screenshots showing off scenes from episode one of the Xbox 360's downloadable content, The Lost and Damned. Click the thumbnails below for the high res versions.


GTA IV DLC screenshots
Monday, December 15th, 2008

The Lost and Damned trailer, GTA IV gets GOTY at Spike VGA

Posted at 05:17 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 12
Earlier tonight the first trailer for The Lost and Damned premiered at the 2008 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Grand Theft Auto IV won three of the seven awards it was nominated for, "Game Of The Year", "Best Action Adventure Game", and "Best Performance By A Human Male" for Michael Hollick as Niko Bellic.

The action-packed trailer gives us an insight in what to expect from the DLC. Watch below via YouTube.

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

GTA IV PC patch released

Posted at 04:12 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 20
The patch promised by Rockstar for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV has now been released. Start up GTA IV and connect to LIVE to initiate the download. The patch is 32.6MB and will take a few minutes to install. It should fix the following issues:
  • A fix to the crash after legal screen that some German customers were reporting.
  • Numerous improvements to the video editor: Smarter naming of videos, improved rendering quality, better fx during replays.
  • Fix to bowling while using certain sensitive mice.
  • Fix for ATI 1900 shadows.
  • Overall savings to memory.
  • Graphic improvements to particle systems and mirrors.
  • Multiplayer character settings are preserved.
  • Support for DirectInput controllers.

Let us know if it's helped improve things for you in our forums.

Thanks to gamerzworld for the heads up.

NOTE: If for any reason you would like manually install the patch rather than update from LIVE, you candownload the patch here.
Thursday, December 11th, 2008

New Lost and Damned screenshots

Posted at 21:47 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 5
Microsoft launched a mini-site for Grand Theft Auto IV's downloadable content for the Xbox 360 last night. On it they included three screenshots of The Lost and Damned which we haven't seen before. Unfortunately they aren't high resolution but we'll update them if get some better versions.

The Lost and Damned screenshots

Credit to }{oT~dEv1L 666 for finding these.
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Updated ATi Catalyst 8.12 drivers released

Posted at 17:05 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 0
As promised by Rockstar and ATi last week, ATi have today released updated Catalyst drivers (version 8.12) that should give gamers with ATi graphics cards improved performance when playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

Head over to 
ATi Catalyst drivers to download the latest version. It's recommended all ATi users upgrade. For those of you with nVidia cards who might have missed last weeks update, nVidia put out some beta drivers which many gamers report improves the framerate when playing GTA IV, you can get those at

Let us know if these new ATi drivers improve your game performance.
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

TIME Magazine: GTA IV top game of 2008

Posted at 03:14 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 16
TIME magazine has named Grand Theft Auto IV as the number one video game of the year 2008. The well known magazine has a "Top 10 of Everything" each year, and I think it comes as no surprise to many people that GTA IV topped the video game list. Well done to Rockstar Games and all the studios that worked on the game. Here's the full list:

  1. Grand Theft Auto IV
  2. Braid
  3. LittleBigPlanet
  4. Rock Band 2
  5. Gears of War 2
  6. Dead Space
  7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  8. Hunted Forever
  9. Fieldrunners
  10. Spore

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

First GTA IV mods appearing online

Posted at 16:59 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 11
Less than one week after it's release, some people have already been successful in modding Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC. Some files in GTA IV are hash protected - a tactic employed by many games companies to prevent people from modifying the games, this probably has something to do with the Hot Coffee fiasco, but there are some workarounds already out there.

First GTA IV mods
IPB ImageI did only say 'some' files though, some which aren't hashed include the language (.gxt) files. The first GTA IV mod uploaded to our downloads database is in fact a modification of american.gxt. Bobster has decided to rename all the vehicles in the game to match those of their real life counterparts, something which proved popular when San Andreas was released. You can check out his real vehicle names modhere. I've tested it myself and can verify it works. Bobster provides simple instructions in the readme on how to get this working, and he also provides a full list of what he renamed each vehicle to.

File modding patches
A couple of users over at GTAForums have been successful in modifying handling and weapons configuration files. Two experimental methods are currently available for allowing people to mod GTA IV.

OpenIV project
Finally, some of you may be aware of an all-purpose modding tool currently in beta stages called 
OpenIV. The tool looks quite promising based on the videos shown on their blog, once released we could see modding take off pretty quickly. No doubt there are many more talented people currently writing similar tools - we'll keep you up to date on any major developments within the modding community.

Host your mods here
If you've made a mod and want to put it online, our massive downloads database is a great place to host it. As long as you have an account on our 
forums you'll have the ability to upload your mods here. Once approved they'll appear in our database for anyone to download. You can update your file whenever you need and add as many screenshots as you like to show off your modification
Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Rockstar talks GTA IV technical problems

Posted at 17:35 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 2
IGN have recently participated in a conference call with several Rockstar Games employees; including Lead QA Arthur Chiang, Technical Director Kevin Hoare, and VP of Development Jeronimo Barrera. There's 3 pages of questions and answers to graphics and community related questions. Here's one quote I think sums up a lot of forum users:

IGN: Then why do you think this has reached the level of proliferation through the online gaming media as it has because a lot of games are released for the PC and they all have technical issues with various hardware setups but this one seems to be more prominent than most. If it is just an expected volume of user problems, as you say, then why the furor?

Jeronimo Barrera: I think we have pretty passionate fans and they're going to let us know when they're unhappy with something. We're trying to address every issue we can whether it's through our support line or going to forums, we're constantly scanning to make sure we aren't missing something. Obviously we want this to run on everybody's machine. I think these guys can explain a little bit more like what separates us from other games. What we're doing is really cutting edge, there's a lot of stuff going on onscreen.

He's right, we are a passionate bunch of fans. We're incredibly vocal and that can be seen in any GTA forum you visit. Old graphics card drivers are, according to Rockstar's support staff, one of the biggest problems. nVidia users are advised to upgrade to the 
beta drivers we mentioned yesterday, ATi users will have to wait until Wednesday for updated drivers.

You can read the rest of the interview over at 

GTA IV patch to be released in next few days

Posted at 03:58 GMT by Chris :: Category: GTA IV :: Comments: 11
It seems the outraging gamers have got to Rockstar Games, and they've finally put a public face on things and made a post over at GTAForums. The Rockstar Toronto 'spokesperson', who by the way is still adamant that only "several users" are experiencing problems despite all GTA forums being full of complaining users, assures us that a patch will be coming in the next few days that sorts out some of the issues players are having. Additionally, nVidia and ATi appear to be preparing updated driver releases which supposedly help the game run better.

We are working on making a patch available in the next few days. Since Grand Theft Auto IV is a Games For Windows – Live game the patch must be certified by Microsoft before release. The patch is already at Microsoft and we expect a speedy approval.
The patch contains a variety of fixes including:

-A fix to the crash after legal screen that some German customers were reporting.
-Numerous improvements to the video editor: Smarter naming of videos, improved rendering quality, better fx during replays
-Fix to bowling while using certain sensitive mice
-Fix for ATI 1900 shadows
-Overall savings to memory
-Graphic improvements to particle systems and mirrors
-Multiplayer character settings are preserved
-Support for DirectInput controllers. Note: The current hack way of supporting these controllers may not work with the improved functionality. So we recommend you remove the hack before upgrading to the patch.

Issues with power management software have also been fixed (slow speed, double speed issues). Even after the patch comes out setting power management software to maximum performance is recommended. We’ve seen cases where power management software does not detect the game is running and puts the CPU in green mode.

Besides the patch we’ve also improved the way the Social Club handles data this should have greatly reduced or eliminated the Mma10 error. If you are still receiving this error after logging in and out of Social Club we would like to know as much info as you can about it.

They also provide information on where to get updated graphics card drivers:

We’re pleased to announce that in co-operation with Nvidia a new driver has been released that improves performance and fixes a major issue with 7900 series cards. If you haven’t gotten the driver yet download it here:

ATI has also agreed to officially release Catalyst 8.12 which will release on Dec 10th from Expect significant performance improvements when using this new driver.

Great to see that they're busy working on patching the game up fairly quickly to keep us all happy. Let's hope it works!


Multi Theft Auto goes open source

Posted at 17:10 GMT by Chris :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 4
The team of people working on Multi Theft Auto, the popular modification that brought multiplayer functionality to GTA III, Vice City and most recently, San Andreas, have announced that it has now become an open source project.

After over 11000 revisions since 2004, contributions by over 16 world-wide developers, 1554 files and well over 550.000 lines of mostly C/C++ code, we have made the decision to re-launch Multi Theft Auto as an open-source project.


By open sourcing our project, we are encouraging anyone who is willing to participate in this project, to participate. For that reason, we are not "just" offering our source code: we have also opened our bug tracker and will be offering public access to our nightly build system that will be compiling a build every day (and has been long used for testing purposes). This way, any developer will be able to run the latest revisions, file bugs or submit patches.

Some may be concerned with us seemingly throwing our code and all its secrets out on the streets. Remember that, as we have seen in the past, a proper and solid multiplayer modification needs a lot more than just memory addresses and offsets. We hope that developers will be attracted towards contributing to our project, which is fairly straightforward and has an already established user base, instead of starting from scratch.

Exciting news for those of you who still enjoy playing a bit of San Andreas multiplayer, and also those of you who are interested in contributing code to the project. The MTA Team are utilising the services of Google Code to house all development, other facilities are available via the MTA community page.

No new release yet of course, the latest currently available is Developer Preview 2.3, and you can download that version here.

You can read more about MTA going open source over at
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

United States Presidential Election

Posted at 02:27 GMT by Switch Designs :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 4
It's the United States Presidential Election day and with that in mind I decided to turn the vote over to the GTA community to see how they would vote for who would be the next president of the United States. To vote just download the Vote Van of the president you would like to vote for. Who ever gets the most downloads wins.

Vote for Obama here!

Vote for McCain here!
Monday, October 20th, 2008

San Andreas now available for download on Xbox Originals

Posted at 16:19 GMT by Chris :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 9
IPB ImageFollowing on from last week's announcement, GTA: San Andreas is now available for download through the Xbox Originals service on the Xbox Live Marketplace, priced at 1200 points - currently equal to £10.20 (or $15 USD).

Originally announced for North America only, the download is actually available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.
Thursday, October 16th, 2008

GTA San Andreas coming to Xbox Originals

Posted at 20:22 GMT by Chris :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 15
Microsoft has announced that the next title to be added to the Xbox Originals download service will be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game will be available to download on October 20th in North America - there is currently no release date for other regions. The download will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, which equates to just over £10 ($14.99 in USD).

There is also no word on whether or not any of the other games in the series will appear on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Links: MCV
GTA San Andreas on
Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Less than 3000 accept Hot Coffee refund

Posted at 11:25 GMT by Gerard :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 19
IPB ImageOut of the millions of people eligible for a refund of GTA San Andreas after the Hot Coffee scandal, less than 3000 people have come forward to collect their money. 

After disabled, inaccessible sex scenes were found to be able to be reactivated by athird-party modification a couple of years ago, this resulted in public outrage, widespread condemnation and a handful of lawsuits being thrown at Rockstar's parent company Take Two. In 2007 they agreed to exchange any v1 copy of GTA San Andreas for a 'fixed' v2, or offer a refund of $35 if they have proof that they purchased v1.

Now months later, only 2,676 people have claimed their refund, in spite of millions of individuals having the right to a payout. Take Two were shocked at that result, and the plaintiffs' lawyer is "disappointed", and doesn't understand why people don't care. This has prompted people to claim that the case was blown out of proportion, and shouldn't have been brought to court at all.

So it turns out that people perhaps are more tolerant of sexual content after all, or realised the effort you had to go through to access the content. Perhaps the all that controversy, outrage and hysteria was just some lawyers trying to cash in on the most successful game franchise ever.

Source: NYTimes
Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Birthday Rustler

Posted at 06:18 GMT by Switch Designs :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 8
I wasn’t planning on making any more San Andreas mods, however May 22, 2008, was my wife’s birthday so I decided to make her something special. She has stood by me through all of my modding and 3D modeling, and understands more about game mechanics / 3D modeling from just having to live with me than anyone who doesn’t enjoy the work that goes into making these free mods should know! The mod takes the Rustler plane from San Andreas and attaches a birthday banner to the back of it. You can also change the banner texture included and make your own banners to fly behind the plane. 

You can download the mod here.
Happy birthday sweety!
Friday, April 11th, 2008

Monster Bullet

Posted at 00:49 GMT by Switch Designs :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 7
Well the time has come for me to release my 150th GTA3 mod. This mod will replace either one, two or all three of your monster trucks in GTA San Andreas with new Monster Bullet vehicles.

You can download the mod here.
Sunday, March 30th, 2008

San Andreas Bone Saw

Posted at 06:25 GMT by Switch Designs :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 8
This San Andreas mod will replace your brass knuckles with the bone saw seen in the last GTA 4 trailer "Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" aka "Everyone's A Rat".

You can download it here.
Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Two new San Andreas mods by Switch Designs

Posted at 21:10 GMT by Switch Designs :: Category: San Andreas :: Comments: 10
In the spirit of hiding things on Easter I decided to hide the Hydra jet. 
This first mod will change your Hydra jet into a invisible Stealth Jet.

You can download it here.

The second mod will replace the cell phone that CJ answers and uses through out the game and changes it into a sweet new Apple iPhone.
With GTA4 coming out soon and Niko getting a new MP3 playing, PDA style cell phone in the game, I figured CJ deserved something special so he didn't feel left out.

You can download it here.



This page contains a detailed list of all the main characters in San Andreas, along with their voice actor.
Note: This page is still under construction. More information is to come.

Barbara Schternvart - Voiced by Danielle Lee Greaves
Barry "Big Bear" Thorn - Voiced by Big Boy
Carl "CJ" Johnson - Voiced by Chris Bellard a.k.a Young Maylay
Catalina - Voiced by Cynthia Farrell
Cesar Vialpando - Voiced by Clifton Collins Jr.
Denise Robinson - Voiced by Alicia Simms
Dwaine - Voiced by Navid Khonsari
Emmet - Voiced by Eugene Peter Jr.
Helena Wankstein - Voiced by Bijou Philips
Jethro - Voiced by John Zurhellen
Jizzy B - Voiced by Charlie Murphy
Jonny Sindacco - Voiced by Casey Siemaszko
Katie Zahn - Voiced by China Chow
Ken "Rosie" Rosenburg - Voiced by Bill Fichtner
Kendl Johnson - Voiced by Yo Yo
Kent Paul - Voiced by Danny Dyer
Lance "Ryder" Wilson - Voiced by MC Eiht
Maccer - Voiced by Shaun Ryder
Madd Dogg - Voiced by Ice T
Maria - Voiced by Debi Mazar
Mark "B Dup" Wayne - Voiced by The Game
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris - Voiced by Clifton Powell
Michelle Cannes - Voiced by Vanessa Aspillaga
Mike Toreno - Voiced by James Woods
Millie Perkins - Voiced by Orfeh
Officer Hernandez - Voiced by Armando Riesco
Officer Pulaski - Voiced by Chris Penn
Officer Tenpenny - Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson
OG Loc - Voiced by Jas Anderson
Ran Fa Li a.k.a "Farlie" - Voiced by Hunter Platin
Salvatore Leone - Voiced by Frank Vincent
Sean "Sweet" Johnson - Voiced by Faizon Love
Su Xi Mu a.k.a "Suzie" - Voiced by Richard Chang
T-Bone - Voiced by Kid Frost
The Truth - Voiced by Peter Fonda
Wu Zi Mu a.k.a "Woozie" - Voiced by James Yaegashi
Zero - Voiced by David Cross


Gang members are recognised by their clothing. Each gang has its own territory, indicated by street warnings, wall graffiti, or simply violence. In Los Santos, each of the 4 gangs are split up into different 'sets'. This is good and bad news. Bad, because not all sets get along, and good, because there's always plenty of backup available.

Gang Fundamentals

Gang Wars & Territory

Winning territory involves gang war, and this must be done carefully. Enter the area you wish to control, and kill every opposition member in sight. Killing 3 rival gang members on foot will provoke a gang war, and the area under attack will flash red on the radar. The rival gang attack in 3 waves to defend their land. Keep a close eye on the radar, and watch where the attackers are coming from. They may attack unexpectedly or in large numbers and also may attack from a car, Survive the 3 waves, and the area is yours. That area is now highlighted green on the map. Other gangs may try and take your territory, and it's up to you to defend it.


You can recruit some gang members by pressing Up on the D-pad whilst targeting a member. CJ can recruit a maximum of 7 members at any given time. The maximum number of recruits depends on CJ's respect level. A coach or bus will hold all 7 members, where as a typical car will carry a maximum of 2 or 4. Press Up on the D-pad and your gang members will follow you. Press Down on the D-Pad, and they will stay put until told to do otherwise. You can read our Respect page for more details about this system, and how you can increase it.

The Gangs

Grove Street Families

The Grove Street Families have been silenced over the past few years by drugs, internal disagreements and their arch rivals, the Ballas. The Seville Boulevard Families (controlling only a small area in south-east Los Santos) and the Temple Drive Families (located up north) have split from the Grove, so just because they're wearing green doesn't mean they are allies. Whilst these events took place, Vagos and Ballas took over. Everyday, Grove Street gets weaker, and the Ballas get stronger. Grove Street OG's include Sweet (Sean Johnson), Big Smoke (Melvin Harris), Ryder (Lance Wilson) and CJ (Carl Johnson). The families must re-unite if they are ever to rise again. The Grove Street Families control areas of Ganton and East Los Santos.

The Ballas

The Ballas are the arch rivals of the Grove Street Families. The Ballas come in two sets - Front Yard Ballas and Rollin Heights Ballas. The Front Yard Ballas are Los Santos' most notorious drug dealers, and Grove Street's biggest rivals. The Rollin Height Ballas act as backup and control only the tiny area of Glen Park, although they are said to be expanding south, into Idlewood. The Ballas are battling with rivals (Vagos and the Grove Street Families) to control East Los Santos. The Ballas have been around since the 1970's - Involved in drug dealing, gang banging, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism, degeneracy, but mainly, the cocaine trade. Mindless, uncontrollable, and thought to have ties with Mexican (Drugs), and Russian (Weapons) Mobs.

Varios Los Aztecas

A Latino street gang in Little Mexico, distinctly recognised by their turquoise outfits. They have a major rivalry with the Los Santos Vagos. Heavily involved in gun running and street violence, but slowly diminishing. The Varios Los Aztecas are traditionally anti-narcotics. Gang veterans include Cesar Vialpando, Sunny, Gal and Hazer. They are extremely dangerous.

Los Santos Vagos

The Vagos sport yellow outfits, and occupy a majority of North and East Los Santos, namely Las Colinas and Los Flores. This Hispanic gang are sworn enemies of the Varios Los Aztecas, and attack in large numbers. Heavily involved in drug trade. The Vagos have a major involvement in Big Smoke's crack business.

San Fierro Rifa

This Hispanic street gang control areas of Garcia, San Fierro. They are believed to have become a major hub in the international drugs trade - possible involvement in the cocaine trade. They have a dislike towards Mexican gangs in Los Santos. T-Bone Mendez is involved with the Rifa.


A San Fierro based gang helped along by Wu Zi Mu, a blind gentlemen, and led by Ran Fa Li. The Triads operate the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, but their main place of work is Chinatown. There are two sets of Triads-the Mountain Cloud Boys, operated by Woozie, and the Red Gecko Tong, led by Ran Fa Li. The Triads are currently having problems with a Vietnamese street gang known as Da Nang Boys.

Da Nang Boys

The Da Nang Boys are a Vietnamese street gang based in San Fierro, preparing a full move to the United States. They control the Dockland/Bay Area in Easter Basin - often causing disturbance. Currently at war with local Triad gangs. Extremely violent, major interests in protection.

The Mafia

3 Liberty City based mob families operate in Venturas, and each of them have a stake in Caligula's Casino. The Sindacco Family want to do business with the Leone's, and this involves Salvatore pledging 5 million dollars to the Sindaccos. Both gangs argue over who should run the casino, and so Ken Rosenberg (once working with the Forelli's down in Vice City) is put forward as a neutral party. Ken is in the middle of the 3 mob families, so if one attacks the other, Ken will most likely be the target. The Sindaccos are represented by Johnny, and the Forelli's continue causing trouble for the Leone's. The Triads have opened a new casino at the opposite end of The Strip, which will likely feature as competition for Caligula's.


Like any GTA game, San Andreas contains a range of weapons to use against your enemies. New to San Andreas is the weapon skill atribute. CJ can incrwase his skill with many of the weapons available. This will generally result in an increased rate of fire, better accuracy, and sometimes the ability to fire while moving and strafing. CJ starts every weapon with a status of "Poor," later skill levels include "Gangster" and "Hitman," achieved through continued use of the weapon.

One way to become more skilled with a weapon is at the Ammu-Nation shooting ranges. Starting the challenge will see CJ against 2 competitors, the objective; to score the most hits. There are 4 weapons to use, with three rounds for each; the first round is the simple task of shooting at 3 targets (each target has 7 spots to hit) at increasing distances. To win you must shoot out all the targets first. The second round is the same, except this time the targets are moving towards you. The third and final round has a moving target that all 3 competitors are shooting at, the person with the highest number of hits wins.

Unlike previous GTA games, the 'weapon slots' can also hold a selection of items. Similar to Vice City, the weapons and items are classed into ten different groups. Only one item can be held from each group at a time. Below is a categorical list of each weapon and item in the game, alongside it's in-game icon and a description.

You'll always have your trusty old fists. Of course, they aren't the most effective things, especially when trying to take on a bunch of armed gang members.
Brass Knuckles
A small upgrade for your fists. These brass knuckles will strengthen your punches and allow to kill a pedestrian with fewer hits.

Baseball Bat
Baseball is not a mini game in San Andreas, so the only use for this is battering vehicles and pedestrians, and quite a fair job it can do.
The San Andreas police force are issued with these as standard. Although they're not as hefty as the baseball bat, you can still do a similar job, with the added bonus of being able to run faster with it.
Golf Club
Again, golf is not a mini game, so the sole use for this lies in clubbing people to death. Lovely.
Pool Cue
Pool is indeed a mini game, and you'll find it difficult to play without one of these. When not in a game, you can use these to batter your opponents.
To the disappointment of gardeners and undertakers across the globe, you can not tend to CJ's garden, or indeed dig a grave for any of your victims killed with this. Having said that, you can actually find a shovel in graveyards...
Ah the trusty knife. Useful for slicing your opponents. Stealth kills can be made with this by sneaking up behind enemies, then holding R1 to target them, and finally pressing circle to slit their throat. Good stuff.
A traditional Japanese samurai sword. Excellent for cutting up enemies. Tapping circle in quick succession will result in nice combo move, usually finishing with a decapitation. Wow crowds with your impressive manoeuvres.
Unfortunately you can't cut down trees with this, but then again, who would? Although a rather cumbersome piece of equipment, making it difficult to run away from a crime scene, it cuts through pedestrians with ease. It also has the ability to rip vehicle doors off, and bring down the neighbours fences.

Colt .45
A standard 9mm pistol. All the cops in San Andreas are issued with this. Although not the most deadliest gun available, it serves as a great starter weapon. Increasing your skill level to Hitman with this will give you the ability to wield two at a time, making it a little more fun to use.
Silenced 9mm
Same as the above really, except this gun is fitted with a silencer. This small addition allows you to be far more stealthy about your kills. Unfortunately you can't weild two of these at once when you've increased your skill level to Hitman, however, you'll be far more accurate in your long distance shots.
Desert Eagle
This handgun delivers an unparalleled degree of accuracy and power with a distinctive feel that players will pick up on immediately. Originally intended to be target/sport pistol, players will use this weapon for the immense stopping power the handgun's .50 caliber rounds deliver to a target-stopping assailants in their tracks, usually with one well placed shot. Because of its significant recoil, it's almost impossible to hold onto at first. Look for higher levels of skill with the weapon to reduce this effect and yield quicker reloads and accuracy. The Desert Eagle is even deadly when out of auto-lock range, as a proficient shooter can fire in free target mode and still achieve one shot kills. Hold R1 and line up the sights on a target. The benefit of this approach is it allows sniper results with the free movement offered by a handgun.

Sub-machine Guns
A longtime favorite of gang members on the streets of Los Santos, the Tec-9 is a relatively cheap firearm made with low-grade stamped metal. One of the more interesting new features is that the player can dual wield Tec-9s, evening up long odds in the middle of a gang fight, increasing your respect and power in the 'hood. Once you've upgraded CJ's weapon skill to the point where he can hold two weapons (Hitman skill level), all you need to do is find another weapon and he will automatically hold 2. All ammo between the guns is now shared, and reloading happens automatically. Rate of fire is effectively doubled, perfect for cases where you really want to kill someone-fast.
Micro Uzi
While the HUD icon resembles an Ingram MAC-10 (or the smaller MAC-11), the identifier and in game model definitely show this as being a legendary Uzi 9mm. It's pretty much the same as the Tec-9, it even uses the same "machine pistol" statistic, although tends to have a slightly faster rate of fire, and in turn is a little less accurate.
The MP5 is often referred to as being one of the best (if not the best) sub-machine gun in the world. It's accuracy, strength, and range give it the feel of an assault rifle, but with the portability of an SMG allowing you to perform drive-bys with ease. You can't dual weild these thanks to their larger physical size, but that doesn't make it any less deadlier than the two guns above. SWAT teams and FBI will use these on you, should your crime spree call for a greater need to be stopped before you cause to much destruction.

Chrome Shotgun
This is your standard shotgun. You'll occasionally see cops using once of these, in any case, all cop cars have one of these inside with a couple of shells, so jump in and nab it if you're in need. Increasing your skill level will result in faster strafing, improved accuracy, faster reload rate, and greater rate of fire.
Sawnoff Shotgun
Much shorter barreled than the shotgun above, this one is pretty useless in long range situation. Short range however and this thing is amazing, it's incredibly powerful. An increased skill level with this means you can wield two at once. Resulting in a burst of four shells before stopping to reload, be careful though as the reloads can be rather lengthy in comparison to other guns.
A combat shotgun manufactured by the Italian company Franchi S.p.A. Some consider this shotgun to be the best out of the three available, thanks to it's semi-automatic functionality. This is of course a lot more useful when facing a larger group of enemies rather than just a couple of cops. The power and range of this thing are slightly better than that of the traditional shotgun, and you're unable to wield two of these so bear that in mind when considering which shotgun would be best for your situation.

Assault Rifles
M4-is the modified version of the M-16, the shortened stock and barrel makes it more compact while still retaining the accuracy and power of its cousin. The weapon will allow the player the pinpoint accuracy to target an opponents specific body parts or vehicle tires. One particularly satisfying feature is the ability to target gas tanks. A single well-placed round will cause any car in San Andreas to explode-aim for the gas cap to find out how decidedly badass this new feature is in action. Kneeling greatly increases the accuracy of the M4, try kneeling as often as possible when using the weapon. Even while kneeling, it is possible to roll side to side while holding R1 by pressing left or right on the left analog.
To the concern of San Andreas' police forces, the M4 is readily available at Ammu-Nations across the state.
The Kalashnikov AK-47, probably the most popular and widely used assault rifle in the world. It's ruggedness and reliability being excellent traits. It works more or less the same as the M4, although the slightly smaller magazine size and slower rate of fire mean it's a little more accurate. The range is excellent, and increased skill levels will extend this further, as well as allowing you to strafe quicker.

This is just a basic rifle you'd expect to see in the hands of any random farmer/cowboy/hunter. You can not auto target people with this gun, it's aim is like that of the sniper rifle, without the scope. Although it has a very slow reload time, it's power is immense and is brilliant for use in close range.
Sniper Rifle
Like the standard rifle, the reload rate of this is quite poor. That said, the range this thing has (with zoom) is unrivalled, bringing with it the greatest accuracy of any gun in the game. Crouching will of course steady your shot slightly in turn provide you with a more accurate shot. While using R1 to look through the scope, the L2 and R2 buttons can be used to zoom in and out, moving the right analogue stick moves the crosshairs.

Tear Gas
A non-lethal 'weapon', at least in real life, in GTA however, you can kill people if you toss several of these cannisters. Exposure to the gas will cause any pedestrians (including yourself) to stop and cover their faces, coupled with a nasty coughing fit. It's not useful for killing a large group of enemies, moreso for slowing them down and allowing you to escape.
Molotov Cocktail
The concept is rather simple. Fill a bottle with a flammable liquid (petrol), shove a rag in the top, light it, then throw towards your target. If used effectively these can take out a substantial group of enemies. One new feature in San Andreas is the ability to set the environment on fire, with the fire spreading and growing. A strategic throw could build a wall of fire stopping enemies from getting to you, or setting themselves on fire and usually dying should they try to get through it. The longer you hold circle the further you'll throw the molotov.
Used rather like the molotovs. Grenades can be used to explode a large group of pedestrians and/or vehicles. Holding circle for longer will result in a farther throw - you'll need to be careful you don't blow yourself up. You'll also need to be careful you don't set off a huge chain of exploding vehicles, unless you want to do this.
Satchel Charge
These do the same amount of damage as grenades, causing a nice little explosion. These are better used as a strategic alternative to standard grenades, though, as once thrown, you'll need to use the detonator (described further below) to explode it. You can actually throw quite a large number of these before the CPU will start removing the first laid ones. They're sticky too, meaning you can attach them to vehicles, buildings, or even pedestrians!

Heavy Artillery
Flame Thrower
Like the molotov cocktails, this thing can invoke a large environmental fire. It does exactly what it says on the tin - throws flames. Useful for clearing out a hefty amount of people who are in your way, it can also be great fun, albeit very hazardous to use.
Vulcan Mini Gun
This formidable weapon is the player's best friend. Designed to deliver massive and withering barrages of ammunition at an alarming rate of fire, this weapon is designed for total destruction of the target and anything around it. Despite its massive size and weight, the gun is portable enough to be carried-and fired-on the streets of San Andreas. Police responding to an incident where a mini-gun is in use would be quick to call in SWAT to deal with the menace. An intricate piece of machinery, its belt driven mechanics will turn the barrels even if the gun is not firing, a sound that eerily forecasts the destruction that is about to be unleashed. Hold R1 to spin up the barrel and squeeze L1 to fire.
Rocket Launcher
A standard Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher. You're basically firing grenades at people/vehicles while targeting them through a scope. One shot can kill any number of people, and take out nearby vehicles. Of course, tanks and another armored vehicles may need a few more shots before they'll eventually concede and blow up. It needs no explanation that this shouldn't be used at close range.
Stinger - Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher
RPGs and other shoulder-fired missiles have long had a place in Grand Theft Auto. The STINGER is the next level. Lightweight and portable, this shoulder-fired guided missile system is designed to shoot down low-altitude jets, propeller-driven aircraft and helicopters. The fire-and-forget system allows the player to lock onto a heat source, usually a car or plane, fire the weapon, and begin acquiring new targets before the warhead has even destroyed the first target. To activate, bring up the targeting reticle by pressing R1. Continue holding down R1 and center the viewfinder on the target. The reticle will acquire the nearest target, and then change from green to yellow and finally to red, indicating that you have achieved target lock. You can fire the weapon at any stage of the lock-on process, but the closer to red, the more effective your strike will be. The production, research, and development of the Stinger Missile System is a secret, but intrepid pilots flying over the deserts on the outskirts of Las Venturas have a ton of stories about near misses with the Stinger.

Spray Can
Although you could use this to choke your opponents, it's primary use is in creating 'tags', or graffiti if you will. You'll require lots of this when tagging the streets of Los Santos at the beginning of the game, and thereafter, probably won't ever use it again. To paint over a rival gang's tag, simply hold R1 to target it and hold circle until finished. Simple.
Those of you who have played Vice City will remember this was only able to be used in one mission. In San Andreas you use it a lot more, it is used not only in several missions, but also in collecting 50 snapshots of various landmarks in the state. Holding R1 will cause CJ to look through the camera's viewfinder, you can aim with the right analogue stick and zoom in and out with the L2 and R2 buttons. The circle button will take a picture. Pressing L1 after this will allow you to save the image to your memory card, should you wish to look at it again. The gallery can be accessed via the options menu.
Fire Extinguisher
You could use this to target peds, but it's very ineffective. It's more useful for extinguishing the flaming trail of mess you've left in wake of your rampage. Chances are you don't particularly care much about the environment. Where you might want to use one of these is in missions where you're forced to run and jump through burning buildings.
A necessity should you choose to jump off a tall building or out of a plane or helicopter thousands of feet in the sky, that is of course unless you want to try your luck falling into a body of water... or for some strange reason, go splat. When jumping out of an aircraft you'll automatically be equipped with a parachute, even if you didn't have one before entering. When falling, you can use the left and right analogue sticks to control your speed and direction. It would also be a good idea at some point to open your parachute by pressing your circle - dramatically increasing your chances of survival by slowing you down to a landable rate.
Night Vision Goggles
Not to be confused with swimming goggles, these ingenious things will increase the dim light and turn it a bright shade of green, allowing you to see what's happening at night. Moving around can be tricky as the land will all look the same, but it sure is easier finding people to target.
Thermal Goggles
The thermal goggles do indeed look similar to the night vision goggles, and also have an identical HUD icon, but they have a different functionality. These won't improve your vision at night, but will turn your display a range of colours from blue, purple, yellow and red, and all shades in between. The darker blueish colours are attributed to the colder things, buildings and the general landscape, while pedestrians and vehicles will be warmer and have a yellowish or reddish colour. Again, moving around while wearing these isn't advisable.
Probably something you won't see often is the HUD icon for this, since after equipping the jetpack you're sub machine gun (if one is available) will be selected. The jet pack is indeed fully functional. X will increase thrust, square will decrease it, the L2 and R2 buttons control your strafing and the left analogue stick controls your direction. Circle will of course fire your gun, and R1 can be used to target. Holding both the L2 and R2 buttons will allow you to hover should you need to. Much like a vehicle, pressing triangle will un-equip your jetpack, letting you run around again (or fall to the floor if you're any number of feet off the ground).
Remote Detonator
You'll only ever see this icon once you've laid some satchel charges. Pressing circle will detonate the bombs, and this detonator will disappear from your inventory a second after, that's it.

Nobody is sure why the cane is placed in the 'other' section. It's actually listed as a gift, though understandably, there's nobody that it can be given to. It can pretty much be used like a regular melee weapon.
Girls love flowers, and that's exactly who they're intended for in San Andreas. While it may be amusing to batter an opponent with a bunch of flowers, they're more useful as gifts for your girlfriend(s). There are two different flower textures, both of which share the same HUD icon.
Dildo 1
Again, something else (most) girls will love. This huge double-ender might not be the most advisable gift on a first date, but it can be done. Likewise with the flowers, beating an opponent with this can be hilarious.
Dildo 2
Same as the above really, except this one's a little smaller and discreet. If used as a weapon it actually emulates the knife stabbing movement. Quite funny in some cases.
Vibrator 1
This is not actually used in the game, as there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get hold of one. The weapons data file gives it the same traits as "Dildo 1" above.
Vibrator 2
This is another item not actually available in the game. The weapons data file gives it the same traits as "Dildo 2" above.
Cell Phone
You never actually see the HUD icon for your cell phone, quite why it's included is unknown, but it's listed here nonetheless.
This would have been a great little addition to the game, but unfortunately it seems it was scrapped. There is no way of obtaining this in game. Some third-party modifications have been made for the PC version of San Andreas, however, they only make it so the skateboard can be used as a weapon, not as a method of transportation.


Welcome to the San Andreas vehicles page. This page contains screenshots of all the vehicles in San Andreas, captured by Chris from the PS2 version of the game. Please do not use these images without my permission. Linking to them in a guide or from another website is fine as long as you state they are from this website.

Blista Compact
Bloodring Banger
Hotring Racer
Hotring Racer A
Hotring Racer B
Super GT


Mountain Bike



Berkley Van
Boxville Black
Mr. Whoopee
News Van
Tow Truck
Utility Van


Cargo Bob
News Chopper
Sea Sparrow




BF Injection
Combine Harvester


Brown Streak
Cement Truck


FBI Rancher
FBI Truck
Fire Truck
Police Car
Police Maverick
SWAT Truck


HESOYAMHealth, Armor, $250k
BAGUVIXInfinite Health
LXGIWYLWeapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
PROFESSIONALSKITWeapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMWWeapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
FULLCLIPInfinite Ammo, No Reload
TURNUPTHEHEATIncrease Wanted Level Two Stars
BRINGITONSix Star Wanted Level
AEZAKMINever Wanted
CRAZYTOWNFunhouse Theme
BEKKNQVSlut Magnet
unknownprostitutes pay you
BLUESUEDESHOESElvis is Everywhere

Vehicle Spawn Cheats

AIYPWZQPHave Parachute
OHDUDESpawn Hunter
AMOMHRERSpawn Tanker Truck
OLDSPEEDDEMONSpawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMHSpawn Rancher
VPJTQWVSpawn Racecar
TRUEGRIMESpawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEWSpawn Caddy
JUMPJETSpawn Hydra
KGGGDKPSpawn Vortex Hovercraft

Other Vehicle Cheats

JCNRUADSmash n' Boom
CPKTNWTBlow Up All Cars
unknownvehicles float on water
LLQPFBNPink traffic
IOWDLACBlack traffic
unknownrare cars
BMTPWHRCountry Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit
FVTMNBZTraffic is Country Vehicles
EVERYONEISPOORTraffic is Cheap Cars
EVERYONEISRICHTraffic is Fast Cars
OUIQDMWFree Aim While Driving
GHOSTTOWNReduced Traffic
SPEEDFREAKAll Cars Have Nitro
BUBBLECARSCars Float Away When Hit

Pedestrian/Gang/Stats Cheats

AJLOJYQYPeds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
FOOOXFTEveryone is armed
BGLUAWMLPeds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
unknownnobody likes you
YLTEICZAggressive Drivers
unknownladies follow cj
NATURALTALENTMax All Vehicle Skill Stats
CVWKXAMInfinite Oxygen
BIFBUZZGangs Control the Streets
ONLYHOMIESALLOWEDGang Members Everywhere
SJMAHPERecruit Anyone (9mm)
ROCKETMAYHEMRecruit Anyone (Rockets)
AEDUWNVNever Get Hungry

Weather/Time Cheats

YSOHNULFaster Clock
SPEEDITUPFaster Gameplay
SLOWITDOWNSlower Gameplay
ALNSFMZOOvercast Weather
TOODAMNHOTVery Sunny Weather
CFVFGMJFoggy Weather
OFVIACOrange Sky 21:00
AUIFRVQSRainy Weather
BAGOWPGHave a bounty on your head
ZEIIVGAll green light


Maximum Health, Armor, Ammo and $250,000

Infinite Health
Makes you mostly bulletproof, and fire, punches and melee attacks don't hurt you anymore. You can still be hurt by explosions, falling, getting run over, and drowning.

Weapons Tier 1
(Bat, Pistol, Shotgun, Mini SMG, AK 47, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, Spray Can, Brass Knuckles)

Weapons Tier 2
(Knife, Pistol, Sawnoff Shotgun, Tec 9, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Grenades, Fire Extinguisher)

Weapons Tier 3
(Chainsaw, Silenced Pistol, Combat Shotgun, M4, RPG, Satchel Charge)

Infinite Ammo

Raise Wanted Level By 2 Stars

Get Rid of Wanted Level

Have 6 Star Wanted Level

Never Wanted

Get $250,000

Commit Suicide

Mega Jump
(CJ can now jump incredibly high)

Mega Bunny Hop on bike

Super Punch

Adrenaline Mode
Causes slower gameplay and gives you greater strength enabling you to punch harder and send people flying, and push cars around with your body.

Funhouse Theme
Strange cars have hydraulics. Pedestrians become fast food workers and clowns. CJ wears strange outfit.

Ninja Theme
Changes all peds to Asian's with Katana's and most vehicles are black bikes.

Slut Magnet (Kinky Theme)
Changes most peds to prostitute's with sex toys and CJ wears the gimp suit.

Prostitutes Pay You
If you've already done the pimping missions, this already happens.

Elvis Is Alive
Hundreds of Elvis impersonators roam the streets.

Vehicle Spawn Cheats





Bloodring Banger


Hotring Racer 1

Hotring Racer 2












Other Vehicle Cheats

Vehicle of Death
(Makes the car you're driving like the Rhino destroys anything it touches)

Blow Up All Cars

Drive on Water

Invisible Cars

Improved Handling
(press L3 to Jump)

Faster Cars

Pink Traffic

Black Traffic

Dodo boats

Cars Fly
The controls are like flying a normal plane.

Fast/Rare cars appear regularly

Countryside Vehicles

Traffic is country vehicles (minus hillbilly gear)
This is the same as the other 'traffic is country vehicles' cheat, although you don't recieve the hillbilly gear.

All traffic is crap cars

Full Weapon Aiming Whilst Driving
Aim and shoot at passing pedestrians/vehicles as your gang would do whilst in a car

Reduced Traffic
Very few cars on the streets and no pedestrians

All taxis have nitrous and bunny hops
Use the Horn to bunny hop

All cars have Nitros

Cars Float Away When Hit
Tap any vehicle and it will float away even above the height limit

Pedestrian/Gang/Stats Cheats

Chaos Mode
Pedestrians riot, just like they do in the final mission strand. Houses are on fire, people run down the streets carrying TV's and so on.

Peds go Crazy

Peds Have Weapons

Peds Attack (guns)

Nobody Likes You

Aggressive Drivers

Ladies Follow CJ

Beach Party
(Bikini babes/beach people everywhere CJ in shorts and flipflops)

Maximum Fat

Maximum Muscle

Minimum Fat and Muscle

Maximum Respect

Maximum Sex Appeal

Maximum Vehicle Stats

Hitman in all weapons
Automatically gives you the hitman level for all weapons.

Infinite Lung Capacity
Now you will never drown when underwater

Gangs Control the City
This cheat will empty the streets leaving just gang members and vehicles within the gang territories

Gangs Members Everywhere
Similar to the 'Gangs Rule the Streets' cheat except all pedestrians are replaced by gang members. Policemen firemen paramedics and shop owners stay the same.

Recruit Anyone (Pistol)
Recruits get a 9mm if they don't already have a weapon.

Recruit Anyone (Rocket Launcher)
Recruits get a rocket launcher if they don't already have a weapon.

Never Feel Hungry

Weather/Time Cheats

Speed Up Game Clock

Fast Motion

Slow Motion




Extremely Hot




Orange Sky
This cheat freezes the clock at 21:00 after a rapid whether change the skies will be orange.

Always Midnight
Clock stopped at 00:00. Weird sudden weather changes. If you kill yourself, it stays at 12:00.


$250,000 + Full Health & Armor
R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Add Stars to Wanted Level
B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, A Down

Aggressive Drivers
Right, Black, Up, Up, Black, B, X, Black, L Trigger, Right, Down, L Trigger

Aggressive Traffic
Black, B, R Trigger, White, Left R Trigger, L Trigger, Black, White

All Cars Have Nitrous
Left, Y, R Trigger, L Trigger, Up, X, Y, Down, B, White, L Trigger, L Trigger

All Cars have Tank Properties.
L Trigger, White, White, Up, Down, Down, Up, R Trigger, Black, Black

All Traffic are Junk Cars
White, Right, L Trigger, Up, A, L Trigger, White, Black, R Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

All Vehicles are Invisible (Not Motorcycles)
Y, L Trigger, Y, Black, X, L Trigger, L Trigger

Always Midnight
X, L Trigger, R Trigger, Right, A, Up, L Trigger, Left, Left

Adrenaline Mode
A, A, X, R Trigger, L Trigger, A, Down, Left, A

Attracts Prostitutes (Pimp Mode)
X, Right, X, X, White, A, Y, A, Y

Better Suspension
X, X, Black, Left, Up, X, Black, A, A, A

Bikini Beach Babe Mode
Up, Up, Down, Down, X, B, L Trigger, R Trigger, Y, Down

Black Traffic
B, White, Up, R Trigger, Left, A, R Trigger, L Trigger, Left, B

Cars Can Fly
X, Down, White, Up, L Trigger, B, Up, A, Left

Cars Drive on Water (Boat Properties)
Right, Black, B, R Trigger, White, X, R Trigger, Black

Cars Fly Away When Hit
X, Black, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, White, A

Chaos mode
White, Right, L Trigger, Y, Right, Right, R Trigger, L Trigger, Right, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Click Left Thumb Stick to make cars jump
Up, A, Y, A, Y, A, X, Black, Right

White, Down, Down, Left, X, Left, Black, X, A, R Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Destroy All Cars
Black, White, R Trigger, L Trigger, White, Black, X, Y, B, Y, White, L Trigger

Faster Cars
Right, R Trigger, Up, White, White, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, R Trigger, R Trigger

Faster Clock
B, B, L Trigger, X, L Trigger, X, X, X, L Trigger, Y, B, Y

Faster Gameplay
Y, Up, Right, Down, White, L Trigger, X

Flying Boats
Black, B, Up, L Trigger, Right, R Trigger, Right, Up, X, Y

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, A

Full Weapon Aiming While Driving
Up, Up, X, White, Right, A, R Trigger, Down, Black, B

Have Jetpack
Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right

Hitman Rank (All Weapons)
Down, X, A, Left, R Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Down, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Increase Car Speed
Up, L Trigger, R Trigger, Up, Right, Up, A, White, A, L Trigger

Infinite Ammo
L Trigger, R Trigger, X, R Trigger, Left, Black, R Trigger, Left, X, Down, L Trigger, L Trigger

Infinite health (Explosions, drowning, and falling will still hurt.)
Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y

Commit Suicide
Right, White, Down, R Trigger, Left, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, White, L Trigger

Killer Clown Mode
Y, Y, L Trigger, X, X, B, X, Down, B

Lock Wanted Level
B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, Up

Lower Wanted Level
R Trigger, R Trigger, B, Black, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

Max Fat
Y, Up ,Up, Left, Right, X, B, Down

Max Muscle
Y, Up, Up, Left, Right, X, B, Left

Max Respect
L Trigger, R Trigger, Y, Down, Black, A, L Trigger, Up, White, White, L Trigger, L Trigger

Max Sex Appeal
B, Y, Y, Up, B, R Trigger, White, Up, Y, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Max Vehicle Stats
X, White, A, R Trigger, White, White, Left, R Trigger, Right, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, X

Never Hungry
X, White, R Trigger, Y, Up, X, White, Up, A

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, Y

No Muscle and No Fat
Y, Up, Up, Left, Right, X, B, Right

No Pedestrians / Low Traffic
A, Down, Up, Black, Down, Y, L Trigger, Y, Left

No Pedestrians or Cops (Gan Riots)
White, Up, R Trigger, R Trigger, Left, R Trigger, R Trigger, Black, Right, Down

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, Down

Orange Sky
Left, Left, White, R Trigger, Right, X, X, L Trigger, White, A

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, X

Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Black, Up, Down, Right, L Trigger

Pedestrian Attack (Can't be Turned Off!)
Down, Up, Up, Up, A, Black, R Trigger, White, White

Pedestrian Riot Mode (Can't be turned off!)
Down, Left, Up, Left, A, Black, R Trigger, White, L Trigger

Pedestrians Are Elvis
L Trigger, B, Y, L Trigger, L Trigger, X, White, Up, Down, Left

Pedestrians Attack with Guns
A, L Trigger, Up, X, Down, A, White, Y, Down, R Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger

Pedestrians have weapons
Black, R Trigger, A, Y, A, Y, Up, Down

Perfect Handling in Vehicles
Y, R Trigger, R Trigger, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, Black, L Trigger

Pink Traffic
B, L Trigger, Down, White, Left, A, R Trigger, L Trigger, Right, B

Prostitutes pay you (Pimp Mode 2)
Right, White, White, Down, White, Up, Up, White, Black

Raise Wanted Level
R Trigger, R Trigger, B, Black, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

Recruit Anyone (9mm)
Down, X, Up, Black, Black, Up, Right, Right, Up

Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
Black, Black, Black, A, White, L Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Down, A

Sand Storm
Up, Down, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black

Y, Up ,Up, Left, Right, X, B, Right

Slow Down Game Play
Y, Up, Right, Down, X, Black, R Trigger

Spawn Bloodring Banger
Down, R Trigger, B, White, White, A, R Trigger, L Trigger, Left, Left

Spawn Caddy
B, L Trigger, Up, R Trigger, White, A, R Trigger, L Trigger, B, A

Spawn Dozer
Black, L Trigger, L Trigger, Right, Right, Up, Up, A, L Trigger, Left

Spawn Hotring Racer #1
R Trigger, B, Black, Right, L Trigger, White, A, A, X, R Trigger

Spawn Hotring Racer #2
Black, L Trigger, B, Right, L Trigger, R Trigger, Right, Up, B, Black

Spawn Hunter
B, A, L Trigger, B, B, L Trigger, B, R Trigger, Black, White, L Trigger, L Trigger

Spawn Hydra
Y, Y, X, B, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, Down, Up

Spawn Monster
Right, Up, R Trigger, R Trigger, R Trigger, Down, Y, Y, A, B, L Trigger, L Trigger

Spawn Quadbike
Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, Y, R Trigger, Black

Spawn Rancher
Up, Right, Right, L Trigger, Right, Up, X, White

Spawn Rhino
B, B, L Trigger, B, B, B, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Y, B, Y

Spawn Stretch
Black, Up, White, Left, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, B, Right
Spawn Stunt Plane
B, Up, L Trigger, White, Down, R Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger, Left, Left, A, Y

Spawn Tanker
R Trigger, Up, Left, Right, Black, Up, Right, X, Right, White, L Trigger, L Trigger

Spawn Vortex
Y, Y, X, B, A, L Trigger, White, Down, Down

Black, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, White, White, White, B

Super Bike Jumps
Y, X, B, B, X, B, B, L Trigger, White, White, R Trigger, Black

Super Jumps
Up, Up, Y, Y, Up, Up, Left, Right, X, Black, Black

Super Lung Capacity (Infinite Oxygen)
Down, Left, L Trigger, Down, Down, Black, Down, White, Down

Super Punches
Up, Left, A, Y, R Trigger, B, B, B, White

Traffic Lights Stay Green
Right, R Trigger, Up, White, White, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, R Trigger, R Trigger

Weapon Set 1
R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Weapon Set 2
R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left

Weapon Set 3
R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left , Down, Down, Down


VC-MP 0.3 Released

Posted at 15:45 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 8
The Vice City Multiplayer team have been busy recently, and last week released version 0.3 of their fantastic mutliplayer mod. Version 0.1 has already proved to be the most popular multiplayer mod in our database (for Vice City), so I expect you'll be pleased to see this update, which contains the following upgrades and new features:

  • netcode(allows 50 players now)
  • sync(smoother sync overall)
  • browser(SA:MP browser interface)
  • admin(in-game commands added)
New features:
  • synced pickups(defined thru ini)
  • maximum flight height raised
  • tires popping is synced
  • added chat commands /msg and /me
  • armour bars added above health bars
  • bugs fixed
Download VC-MP 0.3
Saturday, August 12th, 2006

VC-MP Public Beta Test

Posted at 17:28 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 0
The Vice City Multiplayer team are holding a public beta test for version 0.2 of their multiplayer mod for Vice City all this weekend. Head on over to where you can download and install the mod.

The server you'll want to connect to is the following:
IP Address:
Port: 5192

For further information you may want to join their IRC channel.
Saturday, September 17th, 2005

SA,VC and LCMP Update

Posted at 19:03 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 0
This news post is a little late but I thought you should all know that the SA-MP team have stopped development of a San Andreas multiplayer mod and have handed it over to Spookie to basically re-make it.
However, they did release an update to their Vice City multiplayer mod, and also, one to play the Liberty City total conversion mod online which is a great feature.

Download VCMP 0.1d to play Vice City online, or LCMP 0.1d to play the Liberty City total conversion for Vice City online.
It's recommended if you're using an older version that you update it to this latest version.
Friday, September 16th, 2005

All JVT's Mods

Posted at 17:49 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 1
I'd like to announce that all 177 of JVT's Vice City mods have now been added to the downloads database. All of his amazing cars and humourous other mods are there.

To see a list of all his downloads click here and enjoy!

We'll be adding all 22 of his San Andreas mods tonight and tomorrow.
Monday, August 29th, 2005

JVT's Mods

Posted at 12:50 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 0
Popular Vice City modder JVT has given us permission to host all the mods he has made. At the moment he has made a huge amount of mods, currently standing at 177 for Vice City.
As he is moving on to San Andreas now, we'll also be adding those, obviously it's going to take me a while to add nearly 200 mods to the database, so over the coming weeks you'll see them all appearing.
After all JVT's mods are added we'll be adding hundreds more San Andreas mods to satisfy you all. Please be patient in the meantime. Browse our downloads database and see what takes your fancy.
Sunday, August 28th, 2005

VC MP 0.1b Released

Posted at 20:58 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 0
The team over at SA-MP have release an updated version of their multiplayer mod for Vice City, version 0.1b contains bug fixes and a few more features.
You can read about all the new features and bug fixes in their DevLog.

Or if you want to get straight into the action head on over to our download database and Download VC-MP 0.1b.

Have fun!
Saturday, August 13th, 2005

VC MP released!

Posted at 17:43 GMT by Adriaan :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 14
IPB ImageIt's been a while since we posted some Vice City news, but this one is sure worth it! Just a few minutes ago the team at SA-MP , who are actually working on a multiplayer mod for San Andreas, released the Vice City version "VC-MP". For those of you who enjoyed MTA will be amazed at how amazing and very smooth VC MP actualy is. It brings in new features such as riding boats and you are now able to actualy shoot other vehicles with the hunter.

Oh and do you remember when you rode as a passenger in MTA VC? Players would know that the lag wasn't very pleasant. However in VC MP the players around you are like single player pedestrians! Well enough talking. So go and download this multiplayer mod now and roam the streets of Vice City.. online!

  • Download VCMP
  • Open the .exe file and install into your Vice City directory
  • Run "vc-mp.exe" (in your Vice City directory)
  • Enter nickname, IP and port and click Launch Game
  • Play!
Read more.... for some server IP's. Feel free to post yours! Just run your server and go to if you don't know your IP.
Sunday, May 29th, 2005

VC Stunt Video & More Mods

Posted at 00:22 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 11
Tonight I have added a new stunt video and a load more mods to the database - according to the previous poll it's what you wanted to see more of. First of all the stunt video named 'One Step Beyond'. It's the latest stunt video by ZeroX, the newest member of the ATS stunting crew. Only a solo video this time but still worth the watch!
The reason ZeroX made a solo video is because he wanted to improve his editing skills and didn't have the time to do a whole vid worth of new stunts, which is why you may notice a couple of older stunts mixed in with the new ones. The editing turned out pretty good.

Download 'One Step Beyond' 50.74MB .wmv

And the new mods with both manual and .vcm versions for you, in no particular order:
1984 Porsche 911 Carrera - Manual :: VCM
1986 Jeep Cherokee - Manual :: VCM
Dodge Ram SRT-10 '04 - Manual :: VCM
Chrysler 300C '05 - Manual :: VCM
Toyota Supra '95 FnF - Manual :: VCM
Rancher FP-150 - Manual :: VCM
Peterbilt 379 - Manual :: VCM
Porsche 911 Twin Turbo '97 - Manual :: VCM
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - Manual :: VCM
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 - Manual :: VCM

Enjoy! This recent addition brings to over 500 mods in the database!
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

GTA London TC Released

Posted at 00:08 GMT by Chris :: Category: Vice City :: Comments: 10
The GTA London Total Conversion mod for Vice City PC was released on Sunday, after 3 years in development, Xenon has stated that v0.2 BETA has been released and is available from

Some of the features in the latest version include:

> 16 new cars, most made specifically for this mod
> New police uniform for player and actors
> Xenon's BBC Mod
> Cocanuta's Warner Brothers' Mod
> Dozens of textures changed, including tarmac roads (with white lines), London fire truck and ambulance, and Tesco shopping bags

Be sure to download the most recent version and any bugfixes, some are released every day. Xenon hopes to get a full version out within two months, what we see now is just a taster of what's to come.

Player Cheats

Full Health

Full Armor

Weapons (tier 1)

Weapons (tier 2)

Weapons (tier 3)

Raise wanted level

Lower wanted level

Faster game clock

Faster gameplay

Slower game play

Better driving skills


Show media attention

Weather Cheats

Good weather

Great weather

Sunny weather

Stormy weather

Foggy weather

Vehicle Cheats

Destroy all cars

Only wheels visible on cars

Dodo cars (flying)

Boats can fly

All traffic lights green

Heavy traffic

Black traffic

All Cars are pink

Rhino tank

Romero's Hearse

Bloodring Banger

Bloodring Banger 2



Cars float on water

Engines are fast

Engines are faster

Engines are faster

All cars are faster

Bigger wheels cheat

Character Skin Cheats

Pedestrian costumes

Lance Vance costume

Ken Rosenberg costume

Hilary King costume

Love Fist musician costume

Phil Cassaday costume

Sonny Forelli costume

Scottish soccer player costume

Mercedes costume

Ricardo Diaz costume

Miscellaneous Cheats

Bikini women with guns

Pedestrians riot

Pedestrians attack you

Pedestrians have weapons

Tommy smokes cigarette

Tommy is a fanny magnet

Peds get in your car

Make Tommy Fatter

Give Tommy girly legs and arms